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Feeling a bit like a BBQ Roast Master yourself!? Have you roasted a Whole Hog / Lamb on the Spit before and think you have what it takes to master the art?

No problem! At Nyama we Hire out our Gas Operated Spit Roasting Units. You can even opt to have the Hog or Lamb included as well. And we can deliver (within 50 mile radius from OX106AS) plus collect the machinery dirty. One of the more convenient DIY Spit Roasting services around!

Our machines are easy to operate and with a little know-how anyone would be able to Roast a Piggy / Lamb to perfection. Only problem is: It’s pretty hard work! Not enough time to enjoy time with your guests and to sit back with a beer and watch someone else do all the sweating in front of a pretty warm Roasting Unit.

But if you prefer the duties of a Chef and enjoy preparing food instead of chillaxing. Then by all means Hire a Spit Roaster from us!

To view all the Different Options please visit this page.

If you’ve changed your mind and would prefer a “serviced” Hog / Lamb Spit Roast then you can view all the different options here.

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